New Design Cat Tree Collection

KletterLetter Slim Edition • Individual design scratching posts in the shape of letters, numbers and symbols

cat furniture pink

The new cat tree Slim Edition enhances your personal living space.

You love our Original KletterLetter High-End Luxury Design Cat Furniture and are looking for a more affordable and personalized cat tree piece for your feline friend and yourself?

Then you will be able to enjoy the sight of your beloved feline on the world’s most personal design cat tree: KletterLetter Slim Edition.

washable cat tree microfibre

Soft and easy to clean microfiber padding on the steps.

A genuine eye-catcher, which contains all essential characteristics of a regular scratching post, in your living area: High-quality sisal for scratching, non-slip steps with soft microfiber padding and comfortable resting areas with washable cushions for observing and relaxing.

design scratching post

The backside of the slim edition offers plenty of space to play, scratch, and relax.

Examples of slim edition cat tree models.
More details and pictures upon request.

KletterLetter cat tree • Slim Edition
Data and Facts

  • Available models: All Letters from A to Z, all numbers from 0 to 9, and selected symbols (€, $, &, §, #, @)
  • Available colors: White, Black, Red, Grey, Blue, Pink, Green, Beige
  • Individual and custom made by hand in a master carpenter’s workshop in Germany
  • Design: Painted with certified furniture varnishes or real wood veneer (samples available upon request)
  • Furniture Material: Wood preferably from a local or regional German source
  • Scratching Areas: High-quality sisal carpet embedded or wrapped around the posts (several color choices available)
  • Resting Areas: Washable microfiber cushions (several color choices available)
  • Steps: Non-slip soft padding
  • Measurements: Height approximately 150cm × depth including base plate approximately 53cm; width varies depending on model
  • Ready-to-assemble furniture


sisal scratcher for cats design fan

Manicure fun at high scratching posts

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