The true developer of KletterLetter: Finnley and Kimba

The true developer of KletterLetter cat furniture: Finnley and Kimba

How the idea to manufacture high-end luxury cat funiture was born

It all began at the beginning of the year 2014 when we were searching for a new cat tree and scratching post for our new family members, two male ragdoll cats named Finnley (sealpoint) and Kimba (blue bi-color).

After researching on the Internet for days and visiting numerous pet and cat shops online, we stopped being extremely disappointed; we did not find anything that suited our expectations and sense for style. Instead, the disappointment paired with our expectations gave birth to the desire to create something new and innovative.

It might sound funny but it took less than five minutes and we had a Eureka moment: We envisioned big, three-dimensional and elegant letters as cat furniture, which our cats would love, on which they would play and scratch and cuddle as they liked.

Fall in love with cat trees

Our first model: Letter A size 1:10

Our first cat furniture model: Scratching post letter A size 1:10

It was like being in love for the first time: We were head over heels for the cat furniture idea.

This innovative and extraordinary letter cat furniture would create a very stylish living environment and allow us to perpetuate our individual and personal story. We quickly agreed on not only offering initials and words but also numbers and new symbols, such as “&” and “#”.

We decided to actively pursue this extraordinary idea and began our research on the Internet trying to find similarly creative and innovative pet furniture and/or art pieces. After an extensive search via search engines and access to all European design registries, we were convinced that KletterLetter cat furniture was an innovative idea with the high potential to newly define the cat furniture market, especially in the premium Segment.


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