Exclusive art interior cat furniture
in the shape of letters,  numbers and special characters

Craftsmanship “Designed in Germany”


What exactly is KletterLetter?

KletterLetter cat furniture is a design cat tree or, rather, an exclusive 3D cathouse furniture piece.

When you take a first look at KletterLetter cat furniture, it does not look like a piece of interior that was made out of wood for a cat. Instead, you see an outstanding, sophisticated, and top-quality design furniture piece and lifestyle element in the shape of a letter or a number, for example.

Owning a KletterLetter gives you the opportunity to style your living environment absolutely individually by selecting your cat’s initial, that of your partner, parent, sister, brother, favorite actor, your lucky number, or even the #, &, $, € or @ symbol.

KletterLetter cat furniture are the first ever letter and symbol design, which can be entered by your cat and used as a cat tree and house. A luxurious piece of art, which will cause curiosity and envy, and will furthermore, always tell a personal story in a worldwide unique way.

Even though Kletter Letter cat furniture is very different from a ordinary, unattractive and cheaply produced cat tree, it offers your cat everything it needs and is absolutely species-appropriate (click here for more product details): In addition to large scratching areas made of durable sisal on the outside, every model includes comfortable microfiber cushions for relaxing and sleeping and places for hiding and playing.


Kratzbaum für Designpreis nominiert


KletterLetter cat furniture is a distinctive luxury piece of design furniture for the sophisticated cat owner and interior decorator, who loves to unite functionality with aesthetics. Especially large and heavy cats love our design furniture pieces because each model is sturdy and offers a lot of space.


Which models are available?

Please choose among the following:

KletterLetter – Alphabet
Letters from A to Z

KletterLetter – Numbers
Numbers from 0 to 9

KletterLetter – Selected symbols
#, &, @, € and $


How big is a KletterLetter? 

The KletterLetter in its original design measures approx. 175 cm (69 in.) tall and 55 cm (27 in.) The width varies depending on the model. A smaller size (approx. 125cm tall and 40cm deep) and special models are available upon request.

All designs and our brand name KletterLetter are registered designs and trademarks. Thus, you can only get this exclusive design cat furniture here from us.

For additional info, please read our FAQ section (click here).


Are you interested in getting your very own luxury KletterLetter?

You would like to style your home with an exclusive and species-appropriate cat furniture design piece?

Then fill out the request form (click here) or send an email to info(at)kletterletter.de. Please feel free to call us at +49 (0) 211 / 598 98 95 if you have any questions or would like to place your order. For pricing information, please click here.

We look forward to hearing from you!